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The Right Business Information.
The Right Decisions for Your Business.

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You already know your business has problems...

...when good sales leads are "falling through the cracks," or customer service is not as impressive as it should be, if job quotes are taking too long to generate, or job tracking is a crapshoot, or your inventory management and accounting processes are too time consuming. If all the parts of your business were managed by your people seeing the same data, you know there would be fewer questions and finger-pointing. But you don't want to risk either customer satisfaction or the business you've built by betting on the wrong horse. Part of the solution is in software, but only part of it – where do you go for the whole solution?

Contract for CRM data migration services for ERP/CRM integration

SmartBridge Partners: Management, Operations, CRM and ERP Consultants Focused on the Unique Needs of Your Business

Think of your needs in two areas: "Back Office" and "Front Office." The functionality and goals of each "office" are quite different, and of course, both "offices" must to talk to each other. The solutions you use in these two areas will guide, direct and track various actions done to conduct your business. In addition, your Business Intelligence tools use data in both "offices" to report, inform and alert you about activity in your firm so that you can make informed decisions for managerial action.

Front Office needs are met by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions while ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions address Back Office needs. Reporting, data visualization and data mining solutions typically make up BI (Business Intelligence) needs. Simple concept; not so simple to deliver.

SmartBridge Partners + Sage = Smarter Solutions.

We are experienced business managers. We're not just CRM consultants hoping to move software. We have CPAs, MBAs and the like with years of experience in managing diverse businesses. Thus, we include CRM Business Intelligence in our thinking, so you know the potential of these powerful solutions. Our ERP consultants know what the problems can be with ERP/CRM integration, because we have had them, and we know how to fix them. Of course we also have the experienced engineers and technical staff necessary to make the technology do what you need it do!

We are Sage resellers for a simple reason: Sage's business management products and services form a particularly strong, economical foundation for distribution, manufacturing or job- or project-based firms. We say "foundation" because just about every successful small- and mid-sized business ("SMB") is nearly unique – and software, whether it's on your PC, on your servers, web-based or cloud-based, needs to be integrated and extended by other products to achieve breakthrough performance. For our customers, "distribution" and "manufacturing" go way beyond the classical meanings to also include companies that sell solely through the internet, or that "manufacture" products that are essentially information tailored to each customer.

You see, our business isn’t just technology solutions, it's change management. We help you understand the available technology alternatives, so you can develop your own Business Management Technology Roadmap to guide you to improved business operations in way that you can afford, and a timetable that you and your employees can manage. Naturally, as partners with you in implementation, we also install, configure, modify, train and support the solutions that you choose.

Thought you could get the benefits of CRM Business Intelligence by hiring some CRM consultants? ERP CRM integration experts? It's not that simple.

Because implementing – not just "installing" – sales tracking software, ERP, CRM, business intelligence or job management software will affect every one of your employees and the way you do business. That's why you need business advisors, not software salespeople.

Call us today, and let's talk about bringing in SmartBridge Partners as the right team to recommend long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for your business. Call 512-419-1444.

SmartBridge Partners brings business analysis expertise and implementation experience to solutions using Sage business management products and services. From simple CRM data migration to understanding CRM business intelligence, our CRM consultants are there for you. If you're ready for ERP CRM integration and ERP data migration, or just want help understanding the power and functionality of Sage  accounting software from a certified Sage ERP reseller, a talk with one of our ERP consultants can help you avoid the pitfalls and manage the change successfully.